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Questions and answers about the current situation at airberlin

 Will the flight operation be continued by airberlin / NIKI?
Yes, the flight operations will continue. The published airberlin / NIKI schedule is valid. airberlin and NIKI will carry out the flights as published. Should changes be necessary, e.g. for operational reasons, we will inform accordingly.

 Is NIKI also insolvent?
No, as per August 15th 2017 NIKI is not affected by the insolvency. It is not intended for NIKI to file for insolvency. The flight operations will continue as planned.

 Does airberlin have a future?
The negotiations with potential partners have been initiated and are intended to be completed shortly. airberlin is currently focusing to achieve a best possible plan for the company, our clients and our employees.

 Do airberlin and NIKI still accept new bookings?
Yes, airberlin and NIKI flights are bookable through our distribution channels. All fares are still valid. All sales channels remain open.

 How long in advance can I book flights?
The entire schedule published by airberlin and NIKI can be booked.

 Will I continue to earn topbonus miles on my flights?
Since Saturday, August 19th 2017, collected miles will not be credited anymore. Mileage accruals and redemptions had to be suspended pending clarification of the situation.

 Will the sales programs Superseller and Business Points remain?
Both sales programs are currently deactivated.

 Do the airberlin / NIKI product and services remain the same?
Yes, the existing services and products remain the same.

 Is my voucher still valid and if yes until when?
Vouchers cannot be redeemed anymore. Due to insolvency regulations the utilization of vouchers had to be terminated. Affected guests have the opportunity to file the claim for the insolvency schedule after the opening of the insolvency proceedings. We will advise about the formal proceedings at a later stage separately. Tickets that have already been booked against vouchers remain valid.

 Can I pay out my voucher for cash?
No, see above.

 Do tickets remain valid?
Yes, all issued tickets are valid.

 Will already issued tickets be reimbursed?
All airberlin tickets issued (745 ticket stock) before August 15th 2017 are no longer refundable due to insolvency regulations. Tickets valid from August 15th 2017 are subject to the applicable tariff conditions. An automated refund application via GDS is no longer possible. Please use the BSPlink to hand in your refund request in a BSP market and refer to our Call Center for ARC markets for tickets issued after August 15th 2017.

 Will refund applications entered before August 15th 2017 be reimbursed?
Refund applications that have been submitted before August 15th 2017 will not be refunded due to the insolvency regulations.

 Can I refund applicable fees and taxes?
No, taxes and fees collected before August 15th 2017 cannot be refunded by insolvency regulations. Affected passengers can file the claim for the insolvency schedule after the opening of the insolvency proceedings. For tickets issued after August 15th 2017 refund applications must be submitted via BSP link or the airberlin Call Center for ARC markets.

 Can tickets be rebooked?
The tariff conditions, valid at the time of ticket issuance, still apply. Any issued ticket may be rebooked on the basis of the applicable tariff conditions, provided these allow changes. Any applicable fees must be paid by the client.

 Do I still receive regulations for my claim for damages / compensations, e.g. for delays or flight cancelations?
No, unfortunately no compensations will currently be paid, due to effective insolvency regulations. Affected passengers have the opportunity to file the claim for the insolvency schedule after the opening of the insolvency proceedings. Furthermore we recommend passengers to refer to our online complaint form, provided under http://www.airberlin.com/complaint, for more information.

 I booked a package-tour for 2018 and my flights are with airberlin. Will this tour still take place?
The flight operations continue. Please refer to your tour operator, if you have any further questions.

 How is airberlin / NIKI available for sales partners / guests?
airberlin / NIKI can be reached via the published contact numbers / email addresses. The existing sales contacts remain at your disposal.

 Is airberlin / NIKI still a member of BSP?
Yes, airberlin remains a member of the BSP.

 Does airberlin remain a member of Oneworld?
Yes, airberlin remains a member of Oneworld.

 Are airberlin tickets valid on partner airlines?
Yes, airberlin has ensured that Interline tickets can be used.

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