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My husband and I were not put on the flight for no reason

My husband and I were not put on the flight for no reason. Our flight was Nica Athens Athens Podgorica Montenegro. February 14, 2024. The luggage was sent directly from Nice to Podgorica. After going through passport control and arriving at the gate on time, the girl who works there refused to let us through. For some reason it took a long time I found out before the plane took off. It should be noted that she missed my husband, he walked first and got on the bus, she didnt want me. As a result, my husband got off the bus to help, We showed her the entry visas to Montenegro a month ago. That wasnt enough she refused to tell her my name and left, closing the gate. We had to go back to the European Union, find our luggage, it took two hours. Then we went to the airline counter. We waited another two hours. We received a voucher for a night in hotels and dinner. The next day, tickets for Turkish Airlines Athens Istanbul Podgorica. My husband had a business meeting on February 15, which he did not have time for due to the incompetence of your employee. We suffered material and moral damage. In this case, the company admitted its mistake, but restored its business reputation is very difficult. I hope that your leadership will be able to sort out this issue fairly and, according to this case, offer an adequate solution. Due to the fact that my husband was late for the rally, he was forced to stay in Podgorica. Best wishes Galina Yagman

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